2023 518 Martial Arts Membership

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I hereby make application for participation in the 518 Martial Arts Tournament circuit, and upon acceptance, I sincerely pledge to obey all rules and regulations as set forth within the event and its organizers. I clearly recognize that a risk is involved in the study and practice of this martial art, and related activities, which has been completely explained to and/or understood by me and/or my parents and/or guardians.
In consideration of accepting my application for entry into this event, I do hereby for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, parents and guardians assign, release, acquit and forever discharge 518 Martial Arts, Adam Grogin, their instructors, members, volunteers, participants, agents, assistants, representatives, officers, and directors of this event , of and from any and all liability, actions, claims, demands, or suits whatsoever, which I may now or hereafter have or claim to have, on account of any injury sustained and suffered by me while traveling to or from or while practicing the techniques any related activities in connection with this event, and (if applicable) the parents and/or guardians of the applicant hereby request that this application be accepted, and in consideration thereof, agree to indemnify and release all members of 518 Martial Arts, Adam Grogin, their instructors, members, volunteers, participants, agents, assistants, representatives, officers, and directors from all claims made or which may be made on behalf of the applicant, for the aforesaid consideration I consent that any pictures furnished by me or any pictures and/or video taken of me in connection with the organization can be used for publicity and promotion and I waive compensation in regards thereto. I clearly understand that this activity involves bodily contact, physical exertion, and exercise. I hereby accept that my participation in this event is contingent upon my good conduct and that should the proprietors of this activity determine my actions, behavior and/or attitude inappropriate in any way that my right to participate in this activity will be revoked and I shall sacrifice all fees paid. Additionally, I am fully aware of my personal medical condition and hereby certify that I am mentally and physically fit to participate in this activity.
I also affirm that I am not affiliated with any defined terrorist or extremist hate groups as recognized by the laws of the United States of America or any organization with secondary affiliation with such organizations, nor am I the subject of any criminal investigation, charges, or related activity of any type.

2023 518 Martial Arts Membership

Become a member of the 518 Martial Arts Tournament circuit and take your shot at become a 518 Martial arts Champion!

Earn points by placing in our 518 Martial Arts tournaments in forms, weapons, point sparring, and breaking. The annual champions in those events as well as the overall champion are announced each year at the Winter Cup.

  • 2023 Memberships include 518 Martial Arts Patch.
  • Membershis is valid for the calendar year 2022. Renewals will take place for 2023.
  • Competitors are not required to attend any number or specific events.
  • Points are only earned for 518 Martial Arts sanctioned events.
  • To receive points for a competition, competitors must be a registered 518 Martial Arts Member before the start of the following competition. This means that if a competitor competes and places at competition A but is not a member, they have until the start of competition B to register and if they do they can receive back the points earned from the place standings at competition A.
  • All finalists, those who compete but do not place 1st-4th place will receive participation points. Participation points are per competition event at each competition. So a competitor that places 5th in both forms & weapons recieves 2 participation point values.
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